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Logistikos įmonė "Transekspedicija"

UAB Transekspedicija is a Lithuanian logistics company, established in Vilnius in 1990.

UAB Transekspedicija is situated in a new modern transport and logistics centre, strategically positioned next to the Via Baltica highway, at the 16-kilometre marker on the Vilnius-Panevėžys motorway. The company has a warehouse area of 70,000 sq. m. We provide a range of skilled logistics services to our customers.

The company employs more than 380 highly qualified staff. We manage a fleet of more than 300 vehicles.

Most of the freight transported consists of partial loads on international and domestic routes. We collect all partial loads in European Union countries directly or via partner terminals. We can offer delivery using small or lift trucks.

We transport freight to/from all parts of Europe, Scandinavia and other countries. For exports, we consolidate partial loads at our terminal and depart almost every day, depending on the destination country.

Our services:

  • freight distribution;
  • storage;
  • packing and marking of goods;
  • loading and unloading;
  • qualified customs brokerage;
  • 3PL services.


Customs and customs brokers are open 6 days a week and the warehouse is open 7 days a week.

The Žirmūnai customs post, LTVR4000, operates in the terminal. Our company is a member of the Linava Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association.

Compliance with sanctions

We adhere to all applicable international sanctions and societal norms. We actively monitor changes in legislation and continuously update our business processes to ensure full compliance with sanctions requirements.

Choice of clients and partners

We choose our clients and business partners carefully, guided by the highest standards of ethics and legal responsibility. We refuse to do business with entities that do not reflect our values and adhere to the norms of the international community.


Our team receives regular training and updates on sanctions news and all related issues. Training for our staff ensures that they are well-informed and able to properly assess potential risks.

Transparency and openness

We strive for transparency and openness in all aspects of our operations. If you have any questions about our company policy on sanctions or would like more information, please contact us. We are always willing to work with you to create a transparent and safe business environment.

Company History

In 2023

The AEO (Authorised Economic Operator/Authorised Consignee) status has been extended and the total warehousing area is 70.000 square metres.

TRANSINVEST Football Club officially becomes a League I player.

In 2022

In 2022, the company has been growing rapidly, with a total warehouse area of 60,000 sq. m. UAB Transekspedicija has been nominated for the Rekvizitai TOP Company Responsible Business Award for 5 consecutive years.

In 2021
TransINVEST futbolo klubas

In 2021, UAB Transekspedicija purchased 15 new trucks and founded TRANSINVEST football club.

In 2020

In 2020, the company expanded its total warehouse area to 51,000 sq. m.

In 2018

In 2018, UAB Transekspedicija was assessed as meeting SMETA 4 standards in accordance with the requirements for workforce, health care, environmental protection and business ethics.

The company also began construction of a new warehouse of 20,000 sq. m.

In 2017

In 2017, the storage area of UAB Transekspedicija was 28,000 sq. m.

The company was certified for supply chain security with TAPA TSR Level 3 and AEO certificates.

In 2014

In 2014, UAB Transekspedicija grew further – the storage area reached 26,000 sq. m. and office space reached 5,000 sq. m.

The company was certified: ISO: 9001 and ISO:14001.

In 2012

In 2012, UAB Transekspedicija changed its address and moved to new premises in Galinės village. The warehouse area then reached 6,500 sq. m, with offices reaching 2,500 sq. m.

In 2000

In 2000, a new UAB Transekspedicija building was constructed: 800 sq. m. of office space and 2,000 sq. m. of warehouses at Verkių St., Vilnius.

In 1990

In 1990, UAB Transekspedicija was founded in Vilnius.