Vehicle service center

UAB “Transekspedicija” extends the scope of its activities and, in addition to the above-described services, provides vehicle maintenance and repair, washing and parking services.

The cargo-carrying vehicle service center of our company provides the following services:

diagnostics and repairs of faults of vehicle (high-way tractor and semitrailer) chassis;
• diagnostics and repairs of brakes (on a stand);
• mounting and repairs of tyres (wheel removal/mounting, remounting and wheel geometry);
• vehicle autonomous heater mounting and repairs;
• repairs of frameworks, floors, sides and doors of semitrailers (trailers);
• repairs of loops, sides and sealing cables of tarpaulins;
• repairs of material of tarpaulins;
• lubricant replacement for an engine;
• cooling liquid replenishment;
• vehicle electric system repair works;
• welding works;
• turnery works.

At the Vehicle Service Center, the outside and the interior of your vehicle may be washed.

Our company provided truck parking services for our clients.

Our Vehicle Service Center operates in two shifts.

Working hours: