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As one of the leading transport forwarding companies in Lithuania, UAB Transekspedicija pays special attention to the distribution of partial loads in the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). With many years of experience in transporting partial loads, we can ensure all your needs are met.

If you need delivery in Lithuania, we’ll take care of it professionally and responsibly. We have many years of experience in local freight transport.

We’ll make sure your cargo reaches its recipients in any Lithuanian city.

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We ship within Lithuania:

Partial loads

These are small or even very small loads that do not take up all the space in a vehicle and are combined with other customers’ loads. Transport costs are calculated in accordance with the specific space occupied in the vehicle.

Full loads

Full loads take up all the space available for the load in the vehicle. This type of cargo is transported from the shipper directly to the consignee, without transhipment.

Non-standard loads

Oversized cargoes that are characterised by high weight or by large or unusual dimensions are called oversized cargo. Non-standard freight usually requires special transport and certain unique transport solutions.

Dangerous goods

These are goods transported under the ADR regulations. This type of cargo contains materials that are harmful to humans and the environment. These substances can be radioactive, flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous or can cause various diseases.

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With our team, local freight transport will be safe, fast and smooth!

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