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International transport of partial loads in the EU

UAB “Transekspedicija” is one of the largest transport companies in Lithuania, transporting cargo by road to and from all European, Scandinavian and other countries.

We manage a fleet of more than 300 vehicles. 95% of the fleet complies with EURO-6 standards. The satellite communication system on board the vehicles provides precise information on the vehicle’s movements and location, allowing customers to easily monitor their cargo.

The carrier’s liability is covered by CMR insurance and freight forwarder’s insurance with a reputable insurance company. At the customer’s request, we can insure the total value of the cargo.

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International freight transport

International transport in the EU is linked to the free movement of goods. Such transport conditions do not require customs supervision and make it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to expand their activities throughout the EU. UAB Transekspedicija transports partial loads in several ways, where one truck carries the loads of several customers, or where partial and small loads are consolidated at a terminal. Consolidating partial loads at the terminal is a way to reach the consignor or consignee even in the most remote locations. This mode of transport helps the customer to save money, as the whole truck is not hired, but only the space required for the partial load.

Freight transport directions

International shipments are delivered to or from Europe, Scandinavia and other countries. We are pleased to offer a wide coverage of freight transport territories.

In Europe, a large part of the freight goes to/from Poland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. Some of the most popular routes: Italy-Lithuania, Spain-Lithuania, Germany-Lithuania, Lithuania-Dutch, Lithuania-Poland, and many more. We offer express shipping in the Baltic States if needed.

Road shipments quickly reach their destination, and our mobility and flexible delivery times help companies reduce logistics costs. On average, it takes 1-2 days for cargo to reach the Baltic States from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and 4-5 days to reach Scandinavian countries, while deliveries to more distant European countries may take a little longer.

International transport in Europe

As one of the largest freight forwarding companies in Lithuania, we offer our customers an attractive price-performance ratio for freight transport. Many of our vehicles travel on Europe’s roads every day, delivering goods to recipients in the European Union and to Scandinavian countries.

Our international routes in Europe take you to/from Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Slovenia, Bulgaria and many other countries.

Our professional team, regularly maintained vehicles and innovative working technologies guarantee high-quality services and maximum efficiency.

Freight transport in the Baltic States

We pay special attention to cargo transportation within the Baltic States. Cargo delivery is very fast – your destination is reached within 1-2 days.  Through our experience and professional knowledge, we ensure the smooth movement of cargo every day.

A smoothly functioning logistics system is the key to successful operations in foreign markets. By partnering with us, you can easily take advantage of the benefits of the Baltic region and expand your business’s customer base.

Advantages of our international transport

Security, speed and optimal transport costs are a concern for everyone, which is why it is important to choose a reliable logistics partner. We are professionals in our field, enabling our customers to benefit from all the advantages of road freight transport.

We offer effective solutions for our customers:

Intelligent shipment tracking

Our entire fleet is equipped with satellite communication systems that allow us to track the movement and location of our vehicles.

Fast delivery in the Baltic countries

We offer fast delivery in all Baltic countries. Our professionals will make sure that transportation is smooth and will ensure the shortest possible delivery times.

Door-to-door deliveries

This is a convenient service that reduces the need for transhipment and thus ensures the highest level of security. In the Baltic States, such deliveries to customers can be accomplished within 1-2 days.

Multi-purpose fleet

Our fleet consists of various types of freight vehicles, and in absence of such a vehicle, we provide professional forwarding services. This allows us to work flexibly and adapt to our customers’ needs. Our experts will coordinate the route and select the most suitable vehicle to ensure the safety and timeliness of your cargo.

Preventive assessment

This is a tactic that allows us to react in advance to changes in the environment and to minimize their impact on cargo security and delivery times.

Prices for the transport of partial loads within the European Union

In our operation, we aim to optimize the quality and price of services in order to reduce our customers’ logistical costs. We implement innovative solutions that help to reduce freight prices in the EU and ensure faster delivery.

The cost of freight transport is heavily influenced by the fleet, which is why we use different trucks.

Partial loads are slightly more expensive than full loads. However, it is a more cost-effective option for companies that do not have a high demand for the transport of large quantities of goods. The final price of transport within the European Union is dependent on the following criteria:

Road freight transport

Europe’s short distances allow for fast and convenient road freight transport. This is one of the quickest and safest methods of transport. It also gives businesses flexibility and helps reduce logistics costs. Advantages of road freight transport:


Road freight is usually loaded and unloaded only once. Trucks can reach a wide range of locations, which can be more complicated when organising delivery by sea or air.


When transporting goods by road, specialists constantly monitor the route and adjust the route to ensure they meet delivery deadlines. Professionals plan optimal road transport routes, so cargo gets to its destination as quickly as possible.


Road freight transport offers flexibility and allows you to react quickly to changing situations.


Road freight helps manage logistics costs. This is particularly attractive for partial and urgent loads.


Road transport can transport a wide range of goods: Dangerous goods (ADR), perishables or other products requiring special transport conditions.

If you are interested in international transport of partial loads in the European Union, please contact us! We will discuss your needs, present transport options and offer you the best solution. We value every customer, regardless of cargo size or other aspects!

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