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Need reliable and high-quality logistics services from experienced professionals? Founded in Vilnius, in 1990, UAB Transekspedicija is a Lithuanian transport-forwarding logistics company that organises partial and full cargo transportation, and provides warehousing, customs brokerage and other logistics services. Extensive experience accumulated over many years and the implementation of the highest standards allow us to ensure the high quality of services provided.

Our services

We provide warehousing, loading and unloading, qualified customs brokers and other logistics services. We also provide complex logistics services-3PL. Customs, warehousing and customs brokers work 6 days a week. Customs clearance takes place at the customs post located in the terminal premises.

Domestic and international transport

The company transports small, partial and large loads on local and international routes. UAB Transekspedicija has the capacity to transport textiles and clothing on hangers. We travel to all parts of the European Union, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and beyond.

Service options for your convenience

As one of the leading transport companies in Lithuania, we can ensure your goods reach their destination quickly and safely. We provide door-to-door delivery services. We warehouse, select, label, pack, sort and neatly prepare your goods for transport. A professional logistics team will make sure that every step of this long and complex process is carried out properly and will ensure high quality.

Professional logistics services – reliable, fast and affordable. Leave the logistics to experienced professionals.