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FK “TransINVEST” has ensured themselves a Champion’s Trophy in LFF II league

LFF II Lygos Čempionai FK TransINVEST

🗓 On Saturday, 15 th October, FK ,,TransINVEST” secured the LFF II League championship with 5 matches to go. Our victory over Joniškio ,,Saned” helped us to become a winners.

⚽️ From the very first minute, the Vilnius team laid siege to the visitors’ goal. It didn’t take long for the Japanese legionnaire Yochi Kawachi to open the “TransINVEST” football festival with his goal in the 7th minute. After the opponents’ defence became sloppy due to constant attacks, Aurimas Tamaliunas doubled the score in the 25th minute with a beautiful shot into the top corner of the net, giving the Vilnius team an absolute lead. In the 37th minute, Martynas Valukonis scored the third goal. Towards the end of the quarter, Ricardas Beniusis, the most valuable player of the second league, 42 years old striker of the opponents, tried to attack, but he found himself in the Villagers’ offside trap. In the first half, the visitors did not manage to threaten FK TransINVEST’s goal, but Saned’s goalkeeper Egidijus Zagaras had a lot of work to do, as he was able to fend off dozens of strong shots from the Vilnius players.

⚽️ In the first half of the second half, the visitors tried to activate the game, but the goal-scoring machine, R. Benius, was isolated by the TransINVEST defenders, so much so that neither he, nor his teammates, had the opportunity to hit the net. In the 78th minute, Yochi Kawachi scored his double to make it 4-0. In the 81st minute, young Joris Delkus cannoned his fifth goal into the top corner of the net. It looked like the match was going to end like this, but TransINVEST’s most tireless striker Mantas Makutunovic, who had been a constant threat to the visitors’ goal all game, scored his 21st goal with a few minutes left in the match, off a pass from the young Arnas Neimantas. The team won 6-0. The large crowd was delighted with the rain of goals scored by the home team.

🔥🥇🏆 Only after the match was over, the victory salute was heard and champagne fountains were splashed on the pitch. The players threw it to the clouds to thank head coach Giedrius Barevicius. The team celebrated their golden victory with a photo shoot. Let’s wish the team nice victories in the I League as well.”💛💙

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